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Cooking Alone - Kathleen Le Riche

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The Career Woman (who buys a chicken as a treat) The Bedsitter (who experiments with newfangled gadgets) The Old Lady (who feeds her menagerie of pets) The Schoolboy Moocher (who makes toffee and wallows in grapes) The Bachelor (who learns to stockpile food) The Lonely Mother, 9 am - 5 pm (who becomes a toast connoisseur) Meet the experts in cooking alone . . . Supper for one?

Cooking Alone (1954) is a delicious miniature compendium of tales inspired by a cast of eccentric solitary characters. Brimming with entertaining anecdotes, recipes and top tips, Kathleen Le Riche is a witty, charming guide to the single life. Reissued with a new foreword by Bee Wilson, this vintage delight is a hymn to the pleasures of dining solo.