Crooked Pickles Hot Bread & Butter Pickles

Crooked Pickles Hot Bread & Butter Pickles

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Since we opened our store few products have drawn wide-eyed mouth-watering wonder from both of us. These crunchy pickled cucumbers in a sweet and spicy chili infused vinegar did exactly that and are so delicious will forever feature on our larder essentials.

Can be eaten straight from the jar, thrown onto burgers, melted into cheese toasties or any other dish that needs a sharp contrast.

"Felix is the perfect example of a Small Business Big Flavour producer. He makes pickles in small batches, using the freshest fruit & vegetables and only natural ingredients & flavours. The different varieties all offer something different- we love the hot bread & butter pickles in burgers and toasties, whereas the hot carrots are delicious with Middle Eastern tagines and mezzes. You can find a jar that’ll work with any meal (or at least that’s how we feel about them!)

But why Crooked Pickle? Well, they are based in the shadow of Chesterfield’s famous Crooked Spire church and because all their veg is hand-cut and not always straight, they thought there was no better name!"