Ramble Guides 01, The Peak District - Athena Mellor

Ramble Guides 01, The Peak District - Athena Mellor

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Ramble Guides is designed for the modern explorer; the person who wants to head into the wild with an open mind and an open heart; to ramble through forests and over hills, across streams and beside lakes; and then who wants to visit a cosy cafe with good coffee and homemade cakes, or a pub with craft beers and an open fire.

Ramble is for the person who wants to know where to find the best views to photograph, the most breathtaking roads to drive, the perfect place to catch sunrise and sunset and the most chilled out wild camp or cosy B&B to spend the night.

“A landscape consisting of moors, dales, peaks and tors; vast rolling moorland brimming with vibrant purple heather, and deep limestone dales filled with wildflower and lovely riverside rambles.”

The first in a series of walking guidebooks to the UK’s wild places. Having lived near and explored the Peak District for the past four years, it was the natural choice for Athena's first guidebook.

The Peak District Guide features twelve walking routes, as well as over 50 sites of interest, pubs, cafes, accommodation and more.

The best way to explore is to get lost, but here’s a little guidance if you need it…